What’s New in Catalog #2?

There’s a contagious undercurrent of excitement at Alison’s Pantry as we zip into 2016! Beautiful catalogs are being delivered directly to customers, orders are arriving to Reps in just 1-2 weeks, and fun, new products are debuting on our catalog pages.

Since February is the month for love, Catalog #2 is a gorgeous tribute to our much-loved  Daily’s bacon!  You’ll find a great offer on our front cover for half-priced 60 ct. precooked bacon with each order of $75 (details on page 2), and delicious suggestions throughout the catalog for pairing bacon with other AP products.

0216 Cover

And, these mouthwatering new items in Catalog #2 offer even more to love!

Two great new items for Mexican food meals. Our Blount Organic Black Beans (#9238) and Chicken Poblano Pepper Soup (#9236), found on pages 4 and 18, are convenient boil-in-bag additions to family fiestas.  The Black Beans are organic and GMO-free as well.  The Chicken Poblano Pepper Soup is rich and creamy, with a great peppery kick. In addition to serving this item as a soup, it will also work well as a sauce poured over a pan of cheese enchiladas for a Southwestern casserole.

blount black beans

Bount Chicken Poblano

Fun new potato products. If you attend a webinar this month, you’ll have the opportunity to order one of these tasty new McCain items for 50% off.  Our new Cross Trax Waffle Fries (#2416, pg. 4) and Smiles Shaped Potatoes (#2417, pg. 4) can be oven-baked or fried, and are the perfect upsell items to pair with many entrees in the catalog.  They’re a fun and affordable side for hamburgers, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and more. Be sure to share our beautiful pre-designed Facebook posts about these items on your Facebook wall this month.

McCain SmilesMcCain Cross Trax Waffle

High-quality new seafood options. We’re so excited to be able to offer black tiger shrimp again!  Our premium Contessa Black Tiger Shrimp (#2806, pg. 5) are a better quality jumbo shrimp product, at a better cost.  They have nice firm texture and great flavor. We’re confident customers will love their value.  We’ve also added a new, Pub-Style Battered Cod (#2807, pg. 5) product that offers a scrumptious, wild-caught option in a smaller pack size for customers who feel our 5 lb. Piccadilly Pub Cod is too large.

Contessa Black Tiger Shrimp.jpeg

Find these great new items as well as a mouthwatering new Triple Berry Blend (#1215) from Wyman’s, our first Blount entrée product (#9239), a new flavor of our popular Mrs. T’s Pierogies (#4991), adorable Norpro mini tools, and more on pages 4 and 5.  Share the love!

**Due to changes in our ordering process, we’re no longer able to allow Reps to pre-order new products. However, there will be opportunities exclusive to Reps each month to purchase discounted products when you attend a webinar.**


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