Teresa Burnside – McKinnon, WY

Teresa Burnside

Hi, my name is Teresa Burnside. My family and I live in McKinnon, WY.  After living in Mesquite, NV, for 13 years, my husband and I decided it was time to come home to the cold and the snow to raise our family. We have lived here for almost eight years now.  We have four terrific kids, who we enjoy spending all of our time with.  Our family is very active and involved with basketball and rodeo competition year round.

I became involved with Alison’s Pantry six years ago when my parents took over from a previous representative. After two years they turned the business over to me when they left to serve an LDS Mission.

There are so many products that I enjoy from Alison’s Pantry, but living where we do 45 miles away from the nearest grocery store, it is hard to keep fresh produce on hand. So, I really enjoy the great selection of fruits and vegetables that Alison’s Pantry has to offer.

I have found in order to maintain great sales I have to create the habit in people of ordering, to create this habit and keep it alive I do the following:

The week that orders are due:

  1. Send out an email with a newsletter and deals reminding customers that orders will be due soon.
  1. Send out a text to all customers about two days before the order is due as another reminder.

The day that orders are due:

  1. I personally call, or text any customers that have not ordered for the final reminder. I call as a simple courtesy because everyone is so busy and it is easy to forget.

These three simple steps get me a repeat order from customers 90% of the time.

I look forward to the new changes that are happening with Alison’s Pantry. Once again living where I do, the mailing of catalogs has helped me connect with customers that I wasn’t always able to get a catalog to.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a Rep. for Alison’s Pantry. They are an honest and great company to represent and they provide some of the best product around, which makes it easy to sell.


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