The Art Of The Offer

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People love a good deal.  They especially love a good deal on a product they regularly buy.  A great way to build your sales is to tell your customers about the super sale prices and special offers in the catalog.

Alison’s Pantry is dedicated to helping you build your sales.  That is why we are promoting the refer a friend offer and the special offer; for every $75 in products you order you receive ____ item at 50% off (see pg 2 of the catalog). Take advantage of this opportunity to get new customers and entice your regular customers to spend more at no cost to you.  AP is picking up the cost of the free/discounted products; so use it!

specialoffer chicken

Here is the special offer for purchasing$75 in the #4 catalog.  

There are several ways to do this.

  1. Get to know the catalog!  Recently there have been some deep discounts on some of our best selling items.  Do you know which items are on sale?  Do you know what the free gift is for those who refer a friend who orders $25 or more?
  2. Once you know what the great deals are; tell your customers about them! Send emails, post on Facebook, and text your customers about the awesome sales and special offers.

SECRET shutterstock_91426250 (2)3. Know your customers’ buying habits. If you have a customer that LOVES Milford Valley Chicken Cordon Bleu, then when it comes on sale, send them a text and say, “Hey, I saw the Chicken Cordon Bleu is on sale this month, would you like to add that to your order?” That is just good customer service.

4. Watch the total amount on customers’ orders. If a customer order is short of the $75 needed to receive half off a product, ask them if they want to bump up their order so they can get that great deal.  Also watch to see if they qualify for other special offers and when they do, alert them to the offer and ask if they want to take advantage of it.

5. The best way to get new customers is to ask your loyal customers for referrals. The secret to being successful with this is FOLLOW UP.  So you shared a catalog with your customer and asked them to share it with a family member or friend, when you are doing your reminder calls that month, ask, “Did you give the catalog to your mom?  Does she want to buy anything?  I would love to get you that free pancake mix for referring a friend.”

Remember, special offers and sales are a fantastic tool to build your sales!


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