Fern Goodwin- St George UT


Meet Fern Goodwin, she is one of our reps in the southern region of UT. Here’s a little bit about her background and her business.

I have been a rep about 10 years. I became a representative, to help my son save money for a mission. I have loved my association with customers, who quickly became friends. I love seeing my AP friends each month. Alison’s Pantry has been a big part of my life for over 30 years. During the recession, our family was hit pretty hard, and with other health issues, we relied on the income from AP sales to feed our family, and be able to buy gifts through the many non food items that AP carries. What a great blessing it has been!

I have 8 children, who now have their own families, we have 23 grandchildren, they have all had opportunities to help with catalogs, delivery and unloading the truck.

I always order samples for my customers; many times this will be a spice for the upcoming seasonal baking, a favorite sprinkle, a small food sample, or a cleaning product. I have food samples for them to try when they come to pick up their order. I have not only great customers, but they have become friends as well.

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