Summer Grilling Ideas

It’s getting to be that time again, the days get longer, the flip flops appear, and the grill is “fired” up.  Alison’s Pantry has so many items that work well on the grill. How do you make the most of the sale items in the catalog to help you increase sales with your customers? Let’s talk about a few ideas.

First of all, how about steak? We offer some of the best prices on steak and burgers out there.  Speaking of steak, there are a few different cuts of meat and it helps to know what cut will work best for the event you are cooking for. First of all let’s review the grades of beef. Here’s a simple and easy to read guide to the differences in the quality of your beef.

beef grade

At Alison’s Pantry most of the cuts of steak that we offer are in the Choice category, so you won’t go wrong with any of the items in the catalog. Let’s now talk about the different cuts of steak.

First off we offer our Holten Flat Iron Steaks # 6044, 12-6oz. they are USDA Choice, are cut from the shoulder of the beef.  The Flat Iron is one of the most versatile pieces of beef, second only to the tenderloin. It takes to a marinade like no other, it’s tender beyond belief, and you can cook it with much success in many methods. You can grill it, use if for stir fry meat, use it for fajitas, braise it, pan fry it. Really, it is a great little steak that hopefully you will want to try.

The next steak on the menu is the Main Street Quality Meats USDA Choice Rib Eye Steak # 2602, 4-8 oz. Steaks; this cut is great for grilling or broiling. Ribeye steaks are harvested from the rib section of beef. A rib steak, ribeye steak and a prime rib roast are essentially the same cut of beef, a steak that is best when grilled or broiled.

And finally we have the Main Street Quality Meats USDA Choice Top Sirloin Steak # 2603, 4-8 oz. steaks, a family-sized steak that offers lean, well-flavored and moderately tender beef at an affordable every day price. Cut from the top of the loin, it is great for broiling, sautéing and grilling; a great value, juicy and delicious. Top Sirloin works well for Fajitas, Stews, Beef Tacos, Kabobs, and a host of other items.

Here is a few ways to prepare the best steak of your life.

  1. Pick out your cut of meat, the thicker the better. A thicker steak will allow a little longer time cooking on the grill before reaching a finished internal temperature. You do not want to burn the edges before reaching the optimum internal temp.
  2. Salt your steak minimum of 40 minutes BEFORE grilling. The longer the better. This is because when you add salt to the surface of the steak, the salt draws the moisture out of the meat. As the salt sits on the meat and tenderizes the muscle, it will have nowhere to go and with time it will eventually leak back into the muscle. If you cook it before the moisture has a chance to return to the meat, it will be dry. So for this reason it is better to salt the meat with enough time to have the moisture return.
  3. Allow the steak to reach room temperature before grilling as a steak at room temperature will grill more evenly than a steak that is cold in the middle.
  4. Flip your steak often, especially if you are cooking at a low heat. Use tongs to flip as a fork will puncture the meat and the juices will flow.
  5. Use a thermometer to check to see whether your steak is finished. It is the most accurate and you want to know what the temp is in the middle of the steak.

120° F (48.8° C) = Rare

130° F (54.4° C) = Medium rare

140° F (60° C) = Medium

150° F (65.5° C) = Medium well

160° F (71.1° C) = Well done


  1. About 5 degrees before your steak reaches the desired temperature remove your steak from the heat and let the meat rest. It should rest about 5 minutes, this allows the juices to settle. If you cut it right after removing the steak, the juices will all flow out leaving you a dry and lack luster steak.
  2. To top off your steak with the melt in your mouth taste, add a teaspoon of butter to the top of the steak as it rests and it will melt into the meat.

steak with butter


Now onto other grilling items-

Our burgers can’t be beat, whether you fancy the Holten Black Angus Chuck Hamburger Patties # 5161 at $1.50 each in a case of 40/ 10lb. or you like the 100% ALL Beef Hamburger Patties # 1075 at $.95 each in a case of 24/6lb. You will win either way. We also offer the Thick and Juicy Brand, especially made for the grill and to retain the moisture after cooking. Offered in 1/3 lb patties in Black Angus #8421,  Vidalia Onion Stuffed # 8376 and Cheddar Bacon Stuffed # 8377, along with our Holten Turkey Burger #9106  all $9.99 for 6/ 2lb  box. Don’t forget the buns! Stone Ground Round Ciabatta Rolls #1051, they will make any burger a gourmet burger.

If it’s grilled chicken you like, then your in for a treat. This month they are on sale at $9.99, a price that hasn’t been available in the last year. Our chicken breast goes well with so many seasonings, pick your pleasure and sprinkle and grill. Chicken is one of the most versatile meats to cook with. It is quick to cook, easy to season and inexpensive to buy. You can grill it, saute it, fry it and bread it. No excuses here!  We love our Foster Farms 100% Natural Chicken Breasts # 5513 or Chicken Breast Tenders # 6829. Be sure and point the great savings out to your customers.


How about kabobs and shrimp skewers, If you love shrimp may  I recommend the Black Tiger Shrimp from Contessa # 2806, absolutely the best shrimp I have eaten. It is easy to grill, a beautiful size and so good with the Baja Chili Lime Seasoning # 7664, this would be a winner with a flat iron steak. If you prefer to get the shrimp already on the skewers you can’t go wrong with the King and Prince Classic Marinated Shrimp Skewers # 8270. Serve it with a peach salsa made with our Dole Chef Ready Cuts Diced Peaches # 2833 (See Recipe) for an unforgettable taste.



We can’t forget the Atlantic Salmon Portions, these would be so good on the Camp Chef Square Skillet # 8631 with a little tab of butter and some dill sprinkled on the top before grilling, squeeze a lemon after grilling and serve with your homemade tartar sauce from the Dilly Dill Dip Mix # 1421.

 baconwrapped asparagus

Need a veggie to round out your dinner? Try our Daily’s Deep Applewood Smoked Bacon # 8464 in your skillet on the grill and then wrap it around your Asparagus Spears #3127.Grill it until tender, remove and season with salt and pepper. Add a few Roasted Mini Baby Bakers # 2423 to the mix to round it out.  For your sweet refreshment you can try one of the 4 flavors of Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade catalog #6, pg 33 on sale this month, and you have an evening that can’t be beat!  Take a minute, plan out your grilling ideas and get your burn on!

Happy Grilling!


Alison’s Pantry RSM





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