Beverly Beeter Granville, ND

Bev Beeter

My name is Beverly Beeter! I have been an Alison Pantry Representative for almost 2 years. In my spare time my family and I like to go camping and fishing. Our favorite Alison pantry products would have to be the precooked bacon, but there is never a meal that we don’t use an Alison pantry product.

What make me a good representative, I am always telling people about our products and what my family loves about them. I have set up a Facebook page to try to help my customer stay in touch and to let them know what is on sale or when the deadlines are. Especially during order week I usually send a text, emails, and also use Facebook Messenger. I usually send  reminders on Tuesday or Wednesday, and than again on Friday and Saturday.

My best customer service tip is always keep in contact with your customers!

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