Products leaving after Catalog #10, 2016

We have just a short list of products leaving after Catalog #10. Please make your customers aware of these changes so they can order before they’re unavailable.

11-1133              Golden Tiger Seafood Rangoon Potsticker 30/ 1 oz

11-3568              Butterball Ground Turkey 85% Lean/15% Fat 12/1 Lb. Chubs—temporarily replaced by Norbest Ground Turkey, 5-1 lb. pack in Catalogs #11 & #12.

02-5009              Haribo Gummi Bears Family Pack—unavailable during the holidays. Will be back next year.

02-9109              Swedish Fish Red 1.9 Lb. Bag—unavailable during the holidays. Will be back next year.

11-1124              Mrs. Friday’s Beer Battered Round Shrimp 2.5 lb. Box—removed due to low sales.

11-9235              Blount Organic Ancient Grains Minestrone 4 lb bag—removed due to lower sales lately.  May return sometime next year.

11-1134              McCain Sun Stix Sweet Potato Fries 40oz bag—discontinued by supplier

03-6655              Orville Redenbacher Popcorn—inventory issues with our supplier

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