Sally Wells – Encampment, Wyoming

sally-wells-familyHi, I am Sally Wells.  I live in Encampment, Wyoming.  My day job is in a school district office in Saratoga.  I have been an Alison’s Pantry Rep for 4 years.  I became a rep when the local lady decided to stop and I didn’t know where I would get my Garlic Supreme (#6112).  It is my favorite spice.  If it is too coarse, you can put it in a pepper mill and make it finer.  It is great on steaks and veggies, especially bacon wrapped (#4835) asparagus spears (#3127) on the grill.  My husband of 30 years, Jim, also likes the pre-cooked bacon and the funny bones (#2472).  I have two grown boys.  Dallas’s favorite is clam chowder, (#9167).  Jacob likes anything healthy, lots of meat like the flame seared pork shoulder (#6878) or chicken breasts (#6519).  Since Jacob joined the Army, my food bill has decreased a bit.

I like receiving my orders by email.  I reply within 48 hours with a copy of the order to confirm I’ve got it right and let the customer know an approximate delivery date.  My customers really like that.  I have started getting text orders from several customers and I let them know right away I got it.  Then follow-up with an order total and date of delivery.  I have a few phone customers.  I really like it when they catch me on the computer and I can enter their orders live.  I have a notebook in my purse and by my phone for those “Oh, I need …”    I send reminder notices by email and text mostly.  I still have a few I call.

I really like being an Alison’s Pantry Rep.  I’ve never had any problems making things right if a customer is unhappy with a product.  Unhappy customers are few and far between…

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