It’s Back to School time again.


It’s back to school season. Customers and Reps of Alison’s Pantry don’t need a desk and a tablet to be students again. We study daily in our own personal classroom most of us call our kitchens. We have our own special kind of pencil, paints, veggiescrayons, glue and erasers.

With those pencils we can plan out our menus and design healthy and wholesome dinners for our families. We use colorful vegetables, fruits and juices to paint all the colors of the rainbow.

Our glue, the meat and potatoes of the table, namely bacon, outstanding pork products with wonderful beef and healthy alternatives of chicken and fish is the strength of our classroom.

pizzaCrayons color in the lines with a variety of easy and fast meals, not to forget the breakfast and after school convenience that we offer for the busy family. No one can erase away the goodies and seasonal treats that bring delight to every mouth they come in contact with. We also can’t forget our easy to use muffin and brownie mixes, and flavorful snacks including jerky easy to bake cookies.


Our scissors, sturdy utensils and baking accessories that that help to cut out excess time and work in our classroom, add in the monthly training you receive in the webinars and you can easy learn helpful product information and ideas.  To sum it all up you have a great opportunity for learning and success in your own kitchen.      – Stacee Izatt

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