Meet Vicki with Rep Support


We would like you to meet Vicki from Rep support, one of the important reasons that our company moves along smoothly from day to day.  Vicki has been with Alison’s Pantry for two years, she began as a Rep in SLC and when the job opening came up at the warehouse, she decided to give it a try.  One of the reasons she is so good at what she does is because she understands how it all works from the perspective of the  AP Rep.  The thing she loves about her job is getting to know and work with all the Reps. She also is the person responsible for the majority of the social media posts.

The hardest thing about her job is keeping track of almost 400 reps. she makes a lot of notes and reminders.

Vicki is married to her husband of 5 years; they have a combined family of 4 boys from Vicki’s previous marriage and 1 daughter from her husband’s previous marriage. The two older boys and the daughter are married and together they have 3 grandchildren.  The third son is currently serving an LDS mission in Texas and the youngest son, just graduated from high school.

Vicki loves to travel in her spare time and she writes a personal weekly travel and food blog at loves to cook and try new recipes.


Vicki loves many of our AP products, but her favorites are #9134 Janey Lou’s cinnamon rolls, #8925 Beehive Rolls and #3298 Daily’s Center cut Bacon.  Her family’s favorite family meal is the Soup Supreme or Blount soups served in the Janey Lou’s soup bowls.  Thank you Vicki for all your hard work!

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