What’s For Dinner?

If you are like me, there are days where the family is asking “What’s for dinner?” and I am clueless as to what I’m going to fix!  But have no fear!  Alison’s Pantry is here!!

We have such great products to meet the needs of every meal of the day and snacks in between but sometimes we need a little help to get that meal on the table and what better way than suggested meal plans!

Here is one with dinner meal ideas from the RSM’s, Rep Support, and our Marketing Director to get you started.


week-of-meals (.pdf of the above week of meals you can share with your customers)

Sit down today, write down a week’s worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner), list the AP products you used to prepare the meal, and then share them with your customers. It’s that easy!!  Including pictures of what you fixed for dinner to go along with your meal plans (or a quick post on Facebook) will really sell those products!  Your customers will love seeing how you use the amazing products we sell and they will want to try them too!

Good luck!!

Becky Price, RSM

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