Meet Cecily- AP Buyer



Meet Cecily Lawson, she is the buyer for AP, without her hard work and dedication our orders would not be easily filled, sorted and delivered to our customers. She works hard at managing the ins and outs of over 800 products daily. Here’s a bit about her.

I have been with AP about 2 years – I started in the Fall of 2014, took a 6-month sabbatical last year, and returned in the Fall of 2016.

I love working with Kim and the Brokers. It’s always fun to research and assist with finding quality products that would fit Alison’s Pantry customer base.  Some are huge wins and others not so much. I’m also a bit of a nerd, I love the computer program Excel and nothing is more engaging and challenging for me than assembling and compiling data for analysis.  For most people that would be boring.  The unpredictable nature of this job can be challenging and frustrating at times. There are so many variables we can’t control. For example, we have no control over Suppliers delivering late or shorting us product, customers ordering heavier than we expected, or when the weather delays our trucks.  There is a lot of scrambling that goes on in the background to keep everything running smoothly.

I am married to a wonderful man named Rob who happens to be in this industry too.  Our children are grown up and out of the house so right now it’s just the both of us living at home. We recently moved to Kansas City, Missouri for his job and we miss our four kids and five grand kids terribly. They have all been out to visit and we’re planning their next trip for this summer. We’re doing our best to entice them out to the Midwest.

I love a good read so I usually have my head in a good novel or I’m out in my yard working. I admit I also like a good Netflix binge watch.  Since we are new to the Midwest, on the weekends we almost always go out for drives or try to find a local festival or event. When I have extra time, I volunteer with the Kansas City Pet Project helping rescue animals.

My favorite AP product is Daily’s Bacon of course! (my husband is a Regional Sales Manager for Daily’s). This changes from time to time but my current favorite item is the #1400 Lockhart Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 108ct – I’m a bit of a cookie snob and these are high quality, tasty, tasty cookies. Since it’s just the two of us, I love that I can cook up a couple cookies when we are craving something sweet or when I need a plate to take the neighbors without having to make a whole batch.

Thanks Cecily, we appreciate all you do for our great company!

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