Products Leaving after Catalog #4

NOTE:  If inventory remains, these items will be on Closeout for Catalog #5

1988    BIG Beef Patties         —low sales

2442    Stouffer’s Scalloped Potatoes            —will bring back in #9

1889    Orange Bakery Turnovers Cherry 60/4 Oz. Case     —be back in #9

1199    Orange Bakery Turnovers Apple 60/4 Oz Case        —be back in #9

7151    Yeast Raised Donut Rings      — will bring back in #9

8573    Proof & Bake Soup Bowl Dough        —will bring back in #9.

3844    Onion Soup Bowls      —will bring back in #9

1046    Rice Cracker Trail Mix           —adding new trail mixes from Fisher

8583    Norpro Heart Pancake & Egg Mold   —Rotating, will be back.

8898    Norpro Round Mold    —Rotating, will be back

2156    Norpro Microwave Popcorn Popper              –May return depending on sales.

1980    Heat Resistant Glove              —May return depending on sales.

1001    Apple Pie Spice          —will return in the fall

1009    Cozy Mulling Spice     —will return in the fall

3716    Royal Mulling Spice    —will return in the fall

5190    AP Crock Pot Beef Stew Seasoning  1 Lb  Each      —will return in the fall

5191    AP Crock Pot Pulled Pork Bbq Seasoning  1 Lb  Each         —will return in the fall

1670    AP Hearty Bean Seasoning 1 Lb. Bag           —will return in the fall

1540    AP Savory Stew Seasoning 1 Lb. Bag           —will return in the fall

4656    Dial Hand Soap           —no longer available from supplier

1200    White Chocolate Coconut Almonds   –will offer seasonally

1201    Dark Choc Coconut Almonds                        –will offer seasonally

8592    Nutristore Peaches     —will bring back again later

8780    Freeze Dried Chicken             —will bring back again later

4004    Nutristore Black Beans           —will bring back again later

1246    Kirkland Detergent      —low sales; replacing with AP cleaners

1340    Maintex Cleaner         —low sales; AP cleaners are returning


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