Meet Toni and Marilyn!


Hi my name is Toni Soderquist. My mother in law Marilyn and I have been Alison’s Pantry reps for 10 years. We live in Kanab, UT and we love the products that we offer. We like the convenience and the affordable way we can offer our families great dinners and family feasts.                                                                          IMG951365
We were introduced to Alison’s Pantry through the great bulk spices and pastas that we used to offer. We have sold many spices to our customers and the people of this area of the state. Many times, I am referred to as the “Spice Queen” because of my love of the spices.
Every year we host an open house at the end of the year in appreciation of our customers. We invite them to come and sample and taste many of the new and fun products. If they refer a friend, they will receive 10% off their order after the friend orders. Most people who attend make orders, and we offer a give away too. We have found many new customers from doing this. Because we hold this open house in my home, we can offer some of our favorite products including some of the meat products.

This last November we offered the Farmland Bacon Wrapped Fillets #5589, the Simplot Mini Baby Bakers #2423, and Rosina Meatball #8963 with gravy in a crock pot. We also offered the Janey Lou’s Cinnamon Rolls #9134 which were a big hit. Through our association with Alison’s Pantry and our customers we have built many wonderful and lasting relationships.

This year we were able to attend the AP food show in September and loved getting to sample all the wonderful foods and meeting all the great staff and reps from around the country. We love attending the monthly webinars to learn more about the products we offer. We love to learn new ideas and recipes that will help us be better informed for our customers.
Some of my favorite products aIMG958717re the Milford Valley Chicken Cordon Blue #8553, the Simplot Roasted Mini Baby Bakers and of course the bulk spices. Marilyn loves the Pilgrims Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts #6519 which allows her to have bragging rights on her famous chicken dinner.

 Our families love that we are Alison’s Pantry Reps!


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