Declined Orders

Protocol for Declined Orders:

All orders will go out on your truck, but please do not deliver declined orders without first collecting payments for them or making sure their payment has cleared with the office.

All payments must be taken care of within 10 business days of receiving your order. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and talk to Lori.

 To check for declined orders simply go to your orders screen in portals and search for “declined” in the search field. 

How do you know what form of payment was on the order?  Go to your invoice report and look at the bottom of the invoice for that customer.

 Resolving Declined Orders

  • Credit Card — Please notify the customer and see if they:
    • A. Need us to reprocess the payment.
    • B.  Want to pay you at pickup.
    • C.  Want to enter new payment info online and then let us know to reprocess it.
  • ECHECK – please plan on collecting from these customers when they pick up their order, then notify us within 7 days of your truck delivery that it has been deposited and is ready for withdrawal. There is a $5.00 returned check fee added to each order.  They can also enter credit card information online for us to reprocess the payment.




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