Sharon Johnson – Pinedale, WY

My husband, Bill, was born and raised in Pinedale so 10 years ago, we retired early from managing a large trucking terminal in Kemmerer & another in Wells, NV, and moved back to Pinedale.  We already had some acreage and a home here.  We love traveling, 4-wheeling, rock hunting, hiking with our dog Freddie and spending time with our family.  I quilt, silversmith jewelry, enjoy gardening and everything outside!   After 3 or 4 years I started doing doTERRA classes, promoting healthy lifestyle and traveling around the country.  We have both been self-employed most of our lives which gives anyone a pretty good background in just about EVERYTHING!  Our three children are grown and we have five grandchildren, two of which are in college.  I had been buying Alison Pantry products for about a year when our Rep moved.  At the urging of my friends, I decided to take it on so we could all continue to receive the products we love!  One of the main reasons I bought from Alison’s was their seafood products. I have to say my all time favorite is the Skinless Cod and the Contessa Tiger Shrimp.  We raise our own beef so I was buying the Daily’s bacon, the Carvemaster Ham, Ham slices, Turkey, and another favorite is the Bacon Wrapped Pork!  I would have to say other steady items are several of the Wyman’s Berries, Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Oatmeal, Jenny Lou’s Beehive Rolls and Cinnamon rolls, and baking supplies.  Once I started noticing what others bought and sharing their likes, I started expanding!  We love so many of the products!   The Chicken Pot Pies and the Burritos are something my husband can fix when I am gone to my PEO meetings.  Even though there is just the two of us the majority of the time, I have always bought in bulk as the prices are better.  There is always an event where we need to take a dish, bake a dessert, etc.   Lately, I have donated to different fundraisers using such items as the Beehive Rolls, the pulled pork, bacon wrapped pork, the brownie mix and cookie mixes, and frozen ready-to-bake cookies!  I love to cook, but when we are busy, Alison’s products sure are EASY.

One of the things that draws our customers to us is our enthusiasm about the products.  I share my favorites and am quick to give a recommendation or a substitute.  I love my customers, love the interaction.  At first, on order pickup day I would get to visiting and mix up a few products, but I quickly sorted it out and got it to the right person — I always gave them a freebie for my mistakes.  I think they love it that I am not perfect!  In our shop near where the freezers and shelves are, my husband has a little workroom where he cuts and polishes rocks.  My customers love getting the grand tour of his (and my) hobby.  We have gotten to know our customers and treat them like family.  I try to touch base with everyone at least once each month.  I post recipes, specials, and reminders on my Facebook group page and once in a while on our “Sublette County for Sale” Facebook page.  Often I share Becky’s posts on my page and try to personalize my posts.  My customers want constant reminders so the week before orders are due, I call them, I email them, I text them and the FINAL day I text again and call those that don’t text.  I am getting them trained to put in more than one order during the month to take advantage of the sales, closeouts, shortages.  It has taken me over a year to accomplish that!

At first, my husband thought I should advertise in the paper.  I did a small box ad with Alison logo, my name, phone, and the date when orders are due and the date they arrive.  My ad rep happened to be my old hairdresser from Kemmerer and now she is a very good customer.  I may have only gotten one or two customers from the ad, but at least my friends know what I am doing!  The best money spent is on the monthly drawing for a $10 gift certificate, buying items for the gift basket which I give to my customers for bringing in a new customer, and an occasional trade fair booth.  I did just start the punch card, so next time I can have an update.  I always have a catalog and am not shy about handing them out to new people I meet.  I just enjoy myself and enjoy my customers.  It can be contagious!

Kelsey Fisher -Deaver, WY

My name is Kelsey Fisher and I live in Deaver, Wy. I raise my two kids in a small area and we live in the country. My husband works out of town and is usually only home a total of 3 days a month. So, here my two small children (Paizlee 4) and (Pike 2) raise our animals and enjoy country life.

I’ve been a sales rep for AP for a little over a year now and a customer for about five. I became a sales rep for a little extra money and for something to get me out of the house. When you’re a stay at home mom, sometimes you feel like your trapped in your house all the time. So becoming a rep made me get out and be more social. I have a lot of favorite AP items but some my family can’t do without are: Conestoga Sweet Cream Pancake Mix #7435, Amoy Veg Fried Rice #6695, and Beehive Rolls #8925. YUM, I could go on and on!

I have a group of fairly loyal customers and the products really just sale themselves. A lot of my customers recommend products that I will then recommend to other customers. As for reminders, I send out email reminders at the beginning of the week and then text and call the rest of the week. If someone does not get back to me, I will contact again until I get a response. I’m currently comfortable with the amount of sales I do each month but maybe when my husband comes home for good, I will be able to sale more and handle more.

Thanks for reading. 😊

Meet Sherry Winckel- Marysvale, UT


My name is Sherry Winckel and I have been selling Alison’s Pantry for the past 12 years.  I started selling to help my young family. I wanted more than anything to be a stay at home mom to my two young kids.  I also wanted to contribute to our household.  I investigated many things to sell but in the end Alison’s Pantry was the winner. I have loved working for Alison’s Pantry. Now it is a family business.  My younger kids help deliver catalogs and my older kids help deliver orders.  Everyone helps unload the truck.  My kids (and husband) get very excited when they unload an item they want to eat and sad when I tell them that is not part of our personal order. I love being able to bring Alison’s Pantry products to not only my table but the table of my friends and family.  Alison’s Pantry has brought many people into my life who came as “customers” but now I count them as friends and for that I am grateful.  When I am not working on selling Alison’s Pantry I am busy driving my four kids to every sport you can imagine.  They keep me running and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On a side note… This past week’s rains in Southern Utah has played havoc on the homes of the communities. While they need the rain and water, it all seems to come at once and the ground can not contain it. On the day of this publishing, Sherry was organizing a luncheon for all the helpers in the flooded Marysvale community. Even though Sherry’s own home was flooded and filled with mud, she was helping to alleviate the hungry bellies of the workers. “I had some pulled pork in the freezer, advertised on FB that if someone could get buns, we could do sandwiches and it took off.  We had so much food and donations from lots of people. Not only Marysvale, but Richfield and Circleville as well. People are just good you know. We fed a lot of people for lunch and are going to do dinner with the leftovers plus a new batch of stuff that came in from a big donation we got from the boys/girls ranch (boys ranch is super flooded as well).” We applaud you Sherry for going the extra mile and being a great example. We are happy to have you represent our company.

Shellie Christensen – Douglas, WY

Hi, my name is Shellie Christensen. I live in Douglas, WY, with my husband Robert and the last 2 of our 6 children, Hunter 16 and Heather 15.

I have been buying Alison’s Pantry products since 2011 and when the current rep in Douglas started looking for a replacement, she asked if I would be interested in taking over. I discussed it with my husband and we decided to do it together. So, we started selling in October 2017. I enjoy working with customers and my husband does an amazing job receiving the truck and doing inventory. Then the whole family helps with order pickup and delivery! It has been a great opportunity for our family to be able to work together and for my husband and I to teach our children customer service with the public.

Contact each month is so important. When we took over the Douglas area, even though there was a current list of customers, many had not been contacted in a very long time. I have found that making sure each person receives a catalog and knows the order deadline has a great impact on a successful order. I also send out multiple reminders and make calls up to the order deadline. I have customers that prefer texting and others that want a phone call. It’s my job to know this and contact them in whatever form they are most comfortable. Customer service is key with Alison’s Pantry. The products are amazing, and they don’t need any help in selling but if the customer has a bad experience trying to get the product they won’t try again. My family works hard to be flexible for our customers when orders are ready to be picked up. We have some customers that are unable to pick up their orders, so they were worried about placing an order. We assured them that delivering an order was no problem and it has worked out great!

Every day there is at least one thing in each meal we eat that comes from Alison’s Pantry! The vegetables are a staple for us and we always have a good choice stocked in the freezer. My husband loves to grill, and the bacon wrapped pork chops, chicken tenders, and hamburgers are favorites for our family. I would also be lost without my bag of Shirley J Universal Sauce. It is the base of many of my family’s favorite sauces and gravies!

A great way my husband and I get to know our customers is by asking them at pickup about their order. What they like about the products they purchased and how they prepare them. It also helps us when we are asked about something in the catalog we haven’t tried yet. We can tell them what another customer has liked about it and how they use it.

My family is really enjoying the experience of working together representing a great product! Thank you, Alison’s Pantry!

Nichole Henderson, Bowman, ND

Hi, I’m Nichole Henderson and I live in Bowman, ND with my husband, Drew. We have to wonderful children, Ella (5yrs.) and Weston (4yrs.). I have been an Alison’s Pantry Rep since October 2017. I ordered Alison’s Pantry before I became a Rep and we liked the products. Our previous Alison’s Pantry lady had sold AP products for 12 years and was retiring. My husband and I talked about selling AP and decided to give it a try!

We have a lot of favorite AP products and continue to try new ones each month! We always have the Old Trapper Jerky on hand and love this product for snacks and fishing 😉 We also love the frozen vegetables!!

Each month I send out reminders to my customers via email, text messaging, facebook, and phone calls. I ask my customers if they are ok with my reminders. I have found making my own facebook page has been extremely helpful whether it is for reminders on due dates, pickup times, hot deals, or new products!

Meet Allisha Hughes from Orangeville, UT


Hi! I am Allisha Hughes from Orangeville Utah.  I was first introduced to Alison’s Pantry when my mom was a rep while I was in Jr. High and High School.  My job was to deliver the catalogs with my siblings, and I hated it! (So glad we have the option to mail our catalogs now!)

When we lived in Green River, Utah, I found Alison’s Pantry again, and began ordering from the rep there.  When she started working full time, she asked if I would be willing to take over for her.  I was excited for the opportunity!  I also loved feeling like I could help contribute with our family’s income and grocery budget. That was in 2012. Two years later, we moved our family to Orangeville, Utah. I was worried that I would have to give up being a rep, but when I found out there was not a rep here, I contacted the office. They were happy to have a rep in Orangeville, and the rest is history!

My husband, John and I have 7 children. 6 biological children and another son we adopted in December. Our oldest two boys just graduated high school! They are an adventure and keep us on our toes. We love this crazy bunch!

family pic 2018.JPG

My husband is the principal of the elementary school here, so I get asked to help provide a lot of lunches for the faculty and staff.  They always ask which products Alison’s Pantry are. I love that we provide excellent quality products that speak for themselves. People can taste how good they are!  My pantry and freezer are full of our products.  They get used to AP daily in every meal I serve.  Some of my favorites are the boneless skinless chicken breasts, the Milford Valley chicken products, the Sweet Yeast Stake House Rolls, the Bosco Pizza sticks, our seasonings…I could go on and on!

One tip I have, is to contact all your customers multiple times.  I contact the Monday of order week, then again on Wednesday or Thursday and then again, the day of my ordering deadline. I don’t give up on contacting anyone until I get an order or a “no thanks” from them.  I used to think I was bothering people too much, but then I realized that they are as busy as I am! I sometimes put things on the back burner thinking I will do it later, and then forget. I figure my customers are the same. It always pays off and I end up getting orders from those who I don’t think will order.  Keep contacting, they really do appreciate it!

Susie Potter – McKinnon, Wyoming

My name is Susie Potter, and I’m from McKinnon, Wyoming. My daughter-in-law, Heather Potter, and I have been doing Alison’s Pantry together since last October, and we love it! It has been a great way to spend time together while serving the community with amazing food options delivered conveniently for our remote location.

We are both long time customers, and it has been sold in our area by a family member for quite some time. When the opportunity came for us to do it, we took it more to keep the food available for our own families. The income it has generated has been a bonus! We love the high quality foods, and in our remote area the convenience is wonderful! I haven’t missed a month of ordering for years, and we are trying to build customers that also order regularly because they love the food, convenience, and price!

We are using the money we make to pay for a family trip to Disneyland this fall – and that makes our families happy as well!

Meet Sandra Crawford, Big Timber, MT

Hello, my name is Sandra Crawford. I live in Big Timber MT, about 1500 people. I own a hair salon “Shear Chaos”, I have been sharing Alison’s Pantry through the salon and Facebook, also friends have been spreading the word. I have met new people in this small community, selling Alison’s Pantry. My first order was 1500.00, 2nd 3000.00, and 3rd 2400.00, I can’t believe how well this is going. I do set goals for myself, this last month I was not quite there, but it is ok.

I am trying something new with the order. I have been posting sale items on my Facebook page, I am hoping to pull more people and more orders with this idea. I post everyday, which does not take much time at all. I am also going to do a drawing in the next few months, if everyone that orders, can get at least 1 or more people to order, there name will go into a drawing for 50.00, in free food. My goal over all is to be at 5000.00 and up in orders.I had a very successful open house, that really helped people to see sizes and to touch and smell items.  I am loving this, it has helped with our grocery bill, bills and what I spend a week at the store! I am retiring from my salon after 29 years and helping my husband. This keeps me busy and brings in enough to help out the family. I love the food, Alison’s Pantry staff, what a great company.

Kelly Clark – Buffalo, SD

Hi, I am Kelly Clark I live in North West South Dakota in the little town of Buffalo. I love my husband and 2 kids.  My son is 18 and my daughter is 7.

I started out as a customer of Alison’s Pantry.  I found out that my local rep was getting out of the business due to family constraints.  I decided to take the plunge and become a rep.  I have been one now for just over a year now.  I started with an established customer base so I didn’t have to start from scratch.  I drive a school bus for my full-time job.  I have a split schedule so I am off in the middle of the day and on weekends.   I work on Alison’s Pantry during these times and after I get home from work.

I have a Facebook page and group that I post on often.  Each month about a week before my order deadline, I message all of my customers to see if they need anything for the month and remind them when the cutoff date is.  For those who don’t have internet, I call them and let them know when the cutoff date is.  The week of ordering I send another message and make phone calls again.  I have a few customers that need reminded again on that Saturday because they have very busy schedules and tend to forget.  My customers appreciate the personal touch of me checking with them each month even if they don’t order that month.  When we switched over to the new system, I was in constant contact with my customers to update them on what was going on and how it would affect them.  I had a few customers that stopped ordering when the new system started.  When I told them that they didn’t have to order online and could still call me with their orders, they started ordering every month again.

Alison’s Pantry is a great company to work for and the quality of the food seems to sell itself.

April Webinar: Chopped using our #6519 Pilgrim’s Boneless skinless chicken breasts

Introducing the professional chef Alex, who is Stacee’s son!  This webinar he covers two dishes using our great Alison’s Pantry products.  There is a bonus video of the third dish below that we couldn’t add to the webinar because of time constraints.  So if you want to view that, please click below.  The 2nd part […]

If you need to watch the video, please contact your RSM.

Here are the recipes that were submitted.

April Webinar Handout