Nichole Henderson, Bowman, ND

Hi, I’m Nichole Henderson and I live in Bowman, ND with my husband, Drew. We have to wonderful children, Ella (5yrs.) and Weston (4yrs.). I have been an Alison’s Pantry Rep since October 2017. I ordered Alison’s Pantry before I became a Rep and we liked the products. Our previous Alison’s Pantry lady had sold AP products for 12 years and was retiring. My husband and I talked about selling AP and decided to give it a try!

We have a lot of favorite AP products and continue to try new ones each month! We always have the Old Trapper Jerky on hand and love this product for snacks and fishing 😉 We also love the frozen vegetables!!

Each month I send out reminders to my customers via email, text messaging, facebook, and phone calls. I ask my customers if they are ok with my reminders. I have found making my own facebook page has been extremely helpful whether it is for reminders on due dates, pickup times, hot deals, or new products!

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