Meet Allisha Hughes from Orangeville, UT


Hi! I am Allisha Hughes from Orangeville Utah.  I was first introduced to Alison’s Pantry when my mom was a rep while I was in Jr. High and High School.  My job was to deliver the catalogs with my siblings, and I hated it! (So glad we have the option to mail our catalogs now!)

When we lived in Green River, Utah, I found Alison’s Pantry again, and began ordering from the rep there.  When she started working full time, she asked if I would be willing to take over for her.  I was excited for the opportunity!  I also loved feeling like I could help contribute with our family’s income and grocery budget. That was in 2012. Two years later, we moved our family to Orangeville, Utah. I was worried that I would have to give up being a rep, but when I found out there was not a rep here, I contacted the office. They were happy to have a rep in Orangeville, and the rest is history!

My husband, John and I have 7 children. 6 biological children and another son we adopted in December. Our oldest two boys just graduated high school! They are an adventure and keep us on our toes. We love this crazy bunch!

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My husband is the principal of the elementary school here, so I get asked to help provide a lot of lunches for the faculty and staff.  They always ask which products Alison’s Pantry are. I love that we provide excellent quality products that speak for themselves. People can taste how good they are!  My pantry and freezer are full of our products.  They get used to AP daily in every meal I serve.  Some of my favorites are the boneless skinless chicken breasts, the Milford Valley chicken products, the Sweet Yeast Stake House Rolls, the Bosco Pizza sticks, our seasonings…I could go on and on!

One tip I have, is to contact all your customers multiple times.  I contact the Monday of order week, then again on Wednesday or Thursday and then again, the day of my ordering deadline. I don’t give up on contacting anyone until I get an order or a “no thanks” from them.  I used to think I was bothering people too much, but then I realized that they are as busy as I am! I sometimes put things on the back burner thinking I will do it later, and then forget. I figure my customers are the same. It always pays off and I end up getting orders from those who I don’t think will order.  Keep contacting, they really do appreciate it!

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