Jennifer Hilton, Velva, ND

My name is Jennifer Hilton, I live in Velva, ND with my husband, two girls Kylee 18 and Ashlee 9 and our dog Max.  Velva is a great community that is 19 miles SE of Minot. I enjoy the small town environment. My husband is the Pastor at our Methodist church and also works at Dakota Midland Grain as an accountant. I  home school our oldest daughter, it’s her senior year! Our youngest daughter is in 4th grade.

I love that Alison’s Pantry allows me to provide great quality food and extra income for my family while being able to stay home.  I started as an Alison’s Pantry rep in May of 2014 when the rep in Voltaire, ND asked if I would like to take over for her.  At first I was like there is no way I could do it. Then one day out of the blue I looked at my husband and said, “What do you think?” and he said “Let’s do it!” We have been a team since. Becoming a rep has given me more self-confidence and I have come out of my shell. I love the friendships I have gained and the blessing this company has been to my family.

I get my truck on Wednesday’s so on the Monday and Tuesday before the delivery day I contact all my customers and let them know when orders can be picked up and work with them to schedule pickup and delivery days and times. My husband delivers my Minot deliveries for me and helps me unload the truck and put groceries away.  When customers pick up their orders he helps me then as well. I choose to hand deliver my catalogs. I do mail some but not many. When my customers pick their orders up I give them the next catalog and ask them if they know someone who would like one. I try to be as flexible and available as I can be to my customers.


I have a Facebook page called Jennifer’s Alison’s Pantry and I post order reminders, and use the wonderful marketing images that are provided for us. I like to post pictures of meals I have made using Alison’s Pantry. I text, message, or call my customers 3 times during the order week. If I know a customer is wanting to order and I have not heard from them I will contact them until I hear. I will look for items my customers like and if it’s on sale I will send them a message with a picture of it and say I know you really like this and I just wanted to let you know about this great sale. I pray every month for my sales and for my customers.


Some of my family’s favorite items are the frozen fruits we love them for smoothies and just to eat as a frozen treat. We also love the frozen vegetables, my favorite is the Normandy Blend and the buttery delight spray is great when steaming them. We like the frozen chicken Breasts, Mac in cheese bites, mozzarella sticks, Macaroni & cheese frozen pouches, chicken tenderloins, precooked bacon, corn dog bites, bacon wrapped pork fillets, V8 splash Berry Blend,  I love all the spices! The Ole’ taco seasoning is amazing!  I could go on and on!


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