10 Tips to Entice Customers to Spend More



A fantastic way to grow your sales is to increase the amount each customer orders each month.  There are several ways to do this.

1.Offer a drawing for a free gift for everyone who purchases $75, or another incentive for those customers who place larger orders.

2. Take advantage of the special offers on the front cover of the catalog. They are designed to increase customer sales, so tell your customers about them. Ask if they would like to bump their order up to reach the offer amount.

special-offers-circle3. Point out specials, hot deals, and new products available in the catalog. There is so much to see and you want your customers to know about what’s great in the catalog this month.

4. Offer everyone who orders $100 or more a small gift with their order.

5.  Get customers hooked with a free sample. Sampling lets people try our yummy foods and when they taste them they can’t wait to purchase something new.

These are samples that Mindy Raymond and Jacy Stolem have offered to their customers. 

6. Use our beautifully premade coupons to entice customers to order more.  Find them here: Coupons

7. Understand your customers’ needs. Don’t try to sell someone with dentures a steak.  jk, if your customer is a busy working mom with several children, tell her about the variety of ready made options we offer, such as chicken nuggets or Soup Supreme and Beehive Rolls. Listen to your customers.  They will tell you what their needs are and then you can suggest products to meet those needs.

upselling8. Up selling and cross selling are not hard and you don’t need to be pushy.  Think of products that go together, and when your customers order one, offer the other.  If the customer orders bulk spices remind them about our spice containers.  If they order the bacon wrapped pork fillets every month, let them know that if they purchase them by the case the will save almost $15!


9. Educate your customers on our products; how they work, what products pair well, and different ways to use them. For example, the Rizzuto Pizza Dough Balls can be used for pizza, calzones, and scones. Along with educating your customers, teach them some of the great things you have learned in the webinars.

recipe-card10. Share your favorite recipes with AP products and what you like to buy and eat at your house. Share the recipes from the blog.

Just a few small additions or changes to your conversations with your customers and what you do, can mean a big increase in your sales.  Choose an idea or two to try this month and see how it expands your bottom line!

Julie Hawkes, RSM

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