Webinar #3: Camp Chef, Augason Farms, Nutristore, Easy Easter dinners, and using punch cards

Introducing the professional chef Alex, who is Stacee’s son!  This webinar he covers two dishes using our great Alison’s Pantry products.  There is a bonus video of the third dish below that we couldn’t add to the webinar because of time constraints.  So if you want to view that, please click below.  The 2nd part […]

This month’s webinars are some great ones by our wonderful RSMs once again.  This month Stacee Izatt teaches us how to use Camp Chef, Augason Farms, and Nutristore products in our daily cooking.

Becky Price shows us some ways to make some great dinner items for upcoming Easter that are super easy to make and taste wonderful!

The last video is from Julie Hawkes, talking about punch cards and how to use them to guide your customers to do things you want to encourage (early orders, referring a customer, $100+ orders, etc.)

I hope you enjoy the video!

Food Storage Cooking Recipes


Easter Dinner

Glaze Recipes

Punch Cards

Tips for Using Punch Cards

Frequent Buyer Chart – to use instead of actual punch cards.

The following are sheets of all one card to print at home or at a printers.  They are two sided.

5 Punches

8 Punches

9 Punches

10 Punches

Below are images of the punch cards you can upload to Vistaprint and print as business cards or design your own.  If you have any questions or need some help you can email [email protected].  To save, click the image then right click and save as.


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