Items Leaving after Catalog #3

NOTE:  If inventory remains, these items will be on Closeout for Catalog #4

01-4531            Nutella & Go Breadsticks 12ct/1.8 oz packs–should be back for fall

01-4532            Nutella & Go Pretzels 12ct/1.8 oz packs–should be back for fall

02-3999           Swiss Miss Cocoa Packets – Seasonal

02-1191            Scrumptious Caramelized Mixed Nuts–will return in the fall

02-1156            Scrumptious Cinnamon Toffee Almonds–will return

02-1192            Scrumptious Chocolate Amaretto Pecans–will return

04-7810            Dawn Mini Paper Loaf Pans–seasonal

04-7339            Camp Chef Professional Spatula Set Of 2  Each–returning on Catalog 5

04-7345            CAMP CHEF Cast Iron Conditioner 6 oz EACH–returning on Catalog 5

04-7549            Camp Chef True Seasoned Cast Iron Skookie Set Of 2 Each–returning on Catalog 5

04-7623            Camp Chef True Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan 14″ Each–returning on Catalog 5

04-8121            Camp Chef Square Dutch Oven 13″ 8Qt Each–returning on Catalog 5

04-8646            Camp Chef Aebleskiver Pan Each–returning on Catalog 5

04-8779            Camp Chef Reversible 16″ Grill/Griddle Each–returning on Catalog 5

04-9136            Camp Chef Cast Iron Cleaner 6 oz. tube–returning on Catalog 5

11-1909            Chobani Strawberry Yogurt Tubes– low sales – Variety pack still available #1908

11-1932            Cheese & Jalapeno Corn Dogs–low sales

11-5986            Kirkland Spiral Ham–seasonal, will return in the fall

11-8716            Bueno Chile Rellenos–low sales

11-4848            Fernando’s Breakfast Burrito—Discontinued by Manufacturer. Replacing with the Don Miguel Breakfast Burritos

11-3855            Bright Harvest Sweet Potato Casserole – Seasonal

11-5968            Bright Harvest Country Style Cuts – Seasonal

11-5304            Chef Shamy Passion Fruit Honey Butter 7.5oz tub–discontinued by manufacturer

11-8124            Chef Shamy Garlic Butter W/ Parmesan & Basil 10Oz Tub Each–seasonal

11-8129            Chef Shamy Cinnamon Brown Sugar Honey Butter 16 Oz Tub Each–seasonal

11-8879            Chef Shamy Lemon Dill Saute Butter 5 Oz Tub Each–seasonal

11-8883            Chef Shamy Garlic Herb Saute Butter 5 Oz Tub Each–seasonal

11-8896            Chef Shamy Vanilla Bean Honey Butter 16Oz Tub Each–seasonal

11-8897            Chef Shamy French Onion W/ Asiago Cheese Butter 10 Oz Tub Each–seasonal

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