How Two AP Reps Make Their Businesses A Family Affair In Mesquite, NV

hafen children 1

Margaret Hafen and Madison Julien

Several years ago Victoria was at one of her children’s games when one of her friends gave her an Alison’s Pantry Catalog. Just to be nice and supportive she placed an order and also gave a catalog to her brother, Nephi.  Needless to say, Victoria and Nephi became faithful customers.

Victoria’s children would get excited when she brought a catalog home and they would take turns looking through it and circling and initialing the items they wanted. Victoria then would have to limit them to one or two items each because sometimes it seemed everything was circled! Some of her family favorites are the Bosco Pizza Sticks, Popcorn chicken, Turkey Burgers and the wonderful seasonings Alison’s Pantry has to offer.

Nephi placed orders for his family and loved to try new things.  He enjoys fixing himself hash brown patties and sausage patties in the morning. His children love the maple, sausage tornados.

One day Victoria received a call from Nephi saying that the Alison’s Pantry rep was no longer going to do it. He was thinking about doing it so that he could continue to get Alison’s Pantry and give the children an opportunity to work.  Victoria didn’t want to be left out so they decided to do it together. Nephi and Victoria’s spouses have been very supportive. Their teenage high school daughters are very involved in the business. They pass out catalogs, place orders and call or text customers every month to remind them when orders are due. Their middle school sons are always available to help unload the semi-truck, deliver orders that are nearby and help with the inventory. All of the earnings go to the four teenagers for them to put away for college and missions. This has been a wonderful family business!

The Julien Children                                 The Hafen Children

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