Ribbons, Ribbons. What’s your color?


As an Alison’s Pantry representative, each time you reach a new tier of commission you will receive a social media graphic ribbon from your RSM.  This ribbon is for you to display on the signature line of your email or on your Facebook pages and groups. These ribbons are a small tribute to the work, dedication and time that you put forth in your business. AP is proud of you and all your accomplishments, we want to honor you in a visual way, besides all the tasty food, great relationships and the increased commission level that you earn, it’s our way of patting you on the back for a job well done.

Each time you move up from one tier to the next you will receive the corresponding ribbon. Your customers will be impressed with your achievements and you should feel good about displaying it.AP_TopTenBadge_2

The other ribbon available is the top ten ribbon. This top ten includes all the reps in the company and is determined following the close of orders for each catalog. This ribbon is a great accomplishment, if you earned it, then display it proudly.

Haven’t received your ribbon, or reached a new level lately? With the renewal of Spring comes the ability to make changes and set new goals. Share your goal with your RSM, she is there to help you achieve, offer ideas and direction and be your cheerleader when you succeed. We love to see you shine.

So, let’s display those ribbons, be a team, set some goals and go to work!  As Mary Kay Ash used to say, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Stacee Izatt




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