3 Things to Know to Persuade Your Customers to Spend More Money

  1. Know your customers

Who are they?  Do they have large families?  Do they work?  Are they retired?  Do they travel a lot?  Knowing who they are and their lifestyles can help you know how to best serve them. Which brings us to #2.

problem solving

  1. Solve their problems

If your customer is retired and all of her children have moved out, you wouldn’t tell her about our bulk Tater Tots.  But you would tell me about them!  I have a large family, I work full time, and when I need a quick side dish, Tater Tots work great.  You would definitely tell your retired couple who doesn’t really want to cook anymore about our Soup Supreme and Deli Containers.  They can cook the soup all day in the crock pot for a warm, nourishing meal at the end of the day.  The leftovers can be scooped into our deli containers and frozen for another day to warm in the microwave for a quick lunch for two.  Knowing your customers and understanding their needs can help you to better serve them and help them find products that not only meet their needs but also solve their problems.

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  1. Know your Products

When you know and love our products they are so easy to sell.  Occasionally a customer will be reluctant to try something new.  But if you can share how much you love that product and how you use it at your house, they will want it too.  One time I had 2 customers picking up at the same time.  I was telling the first customer how much she was going to love her gluten free pizza crusts and all the ways she could use them.  The second customer was listening and got so excited she asked me to add them to her order on the spot!  By using the products yourself you will know how they come packaged, how to best prepare them, how they taste, and creative ways to use them.  When you are confident in AP products your customers will be excited to try them.

*Don’t miss our webinars!  We show you what the products look like and share great recipes for using them.  This invaluable knowledge can really help you grow your sales!

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Knowing your customers, knowing best how to solve their problems and knowing our products can help you offer top notch customer service.  When people feel like you care about them and their lives, and you help them get dinner on the table in a way that works for them, you will have loyal customers for life!

Julie, RSM

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