Rep Monthly Calendar

We love to make your life easier! Use this Monthly Calendar to help you remember important dates and keep you on schedule for a great order.

The digital copy also links directly to our text and email scripts.

Other helpful information to help you boost your monthly orders:

Sample Ideas

Allowing your customers to see and sample products can really help your sales!  Here are a few products that we suggest sampling to help your sales:

Catalogs 5 & 6 Sample Ideas

  • CREAMIES or LUIGI’S frozen treats, pg. 4
  • Serve a Lemonade Bar (Country Time Lemonade, Monin Syrups w/pumps, and plastic cups so customers can sample)
  • Cornaby’s Savory Sauces or new Cornaby’s Cowboy Candy served with cream cheese and crackers
  • #2021 Campbell’s Cream of Potato soup (on sale in #5-6)
  • #1748 Pretzilla Pretzel Bites (on sale in #5-6)
  • #5646 Bridgford Buttermilk Biscuits (on sale in #5-6). You can serve with Cornaby’s 10 Calorie Jams, Pioneer Valley Jams, or heat the biscuits, quarter them, dip in melted butter and then in Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast Sugar.   

Depending on COVID-19 restrictions, these products could be individually portioned to be sampled to customers with their orders, rather than prepared and served at pickup.

  • 1686 Stonefire Mini Naan Bread–on sale in #7-8
  • 1841 SupHerb Farms Salsa Blend Herbs–reps will sell a ton of this product if they mix up a simple salsa and serve with chips.  Recipe: canned or fresh tomatoes, red onion, lime juice or TrueLime packets, fresh diced peaches (and diced avocado, if desired and added before serving) and Salsa Blend is DELICIOUS! I add the Salsa Blend by tablespoon until I get the flavor I want, knowing it will intensify a bit as it sits and flavors blend.
  • 2238 SuperPretzel Big Bites Soft Pretzel Bites
  • 2217 Hearty Vegetable Dip with veggies and crackers
  • Any of our new gummy treats
  • 2258 NEW 8 oz. Deli Containers–promote for summer freezer jams and mention Jam in a Jiffy
  • Creamies
  • #1830 Janey Lou’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough–on sale in #7-8