Rep Monthly Calendar & Tools

We love to make your life easier!

Use this page for quick access to all the tools you need each month as a rep to send reminders, stay on task and boost your sales!

Print this Quick Reference Sheet and put it by your work station to help with monthly tasks!

OR bookmark it on your device and use the links for more info.

Click to download!

We’re making a big deal about the 2024 change to new, deep sales on different products in EACH catalog.

To help you market these to customers, we’ve created a BIG DEALS flyer spotlighting the sales for the current catalog. You can print it or send the PDF digitally.

For just an image of the flyer, right-click the image above and “save as” πŸ™‚


Did you run out of catalogs or forget to order extras? Use this 4-to-a-page flyer with a QR code that takes your customers right to our catalog page so they can view our latest catalogs.

Customize them with your info for easy handouts at booths, or other gatherings.

Use this Monthly Calendar to help you remember important dates and keep you on schedule for a great order.

You’ll get a printed copy with your inventory sheet each month, but bookmark the digital copy for links that go directly to our text and email scripts.

Catalog Shortlinks

Catalog shortlinks make it simpler to send the catalog link in emails or texts to your customers! Or see the NEW QR code tab.

Catalog #3


Catalog #2


This new PDF is linked just like the flipbook, but easier to view, scroll and zoom on any device!

Deadline Images

Send a visual reminder to your customers to remind them of deadlines. Images can even be texted!

Catalog #2